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  • Excel
  • MS Access
  • MS SQL Server                

Are you using MS Excel or MS Access in your organisation?

Are you loosing control of managing your existing clients, products, equipment etc?

Are you facing the prospect of upgrading to a new and expensive software or suffer with your existing tools which have reached their limitations?

Do you need someone to help you manage numerous MS Access databases and Excel Spreadsheets scattered across your organisation?

Call us and we will show you that it is possible to run your organisation using your existing tools and make data management easier.

We have a team of experts and developers who can build data management tools, using MS Excel and MS Access to do much more then you have ever imagined.

We will take care of the data mess for you in a cost effective and least disruptive method for your business.

We don't ask you to shape your business to accommodate your software tools. We shape the software to accommodate your business.

          • Data Collection From Remote Sites
          • Fleet Management
          • Licensing and Registration Management
          • Travel Logs
          • Client Management
          • Stock Controls
          • Appointments and Scheduling
          • Mining Data, Surveys and PLOD Sheets
          • Employee Management
          • Production Reports
          • Profit/Loss Reports
          • Charts
          • Importing and Exporting data from/to Outlook, Excel, Word MS Access
          • Automated sending of messages/emails to mobile phones and wireless devices


          We can show you what is possible...

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